What fun is sex if it stays vanilla? Your sex life should never be boring. To keep it, exciting sex games are easily the best way to keep the spark in the bedroom. Literally, anything could potentially be a sex game if you try hard enough to inject sexiness into it.

Sex games are a great way to let loose and have fun with your significant other. After all, sex shouldn’t always be serious in the bedroom. Allow yourself to play some sensual game with your partner and let loose!

If you need some help thinking of some sort of game for the bedroom, don’t worry! Here’s a short list of games to play when you get it on:

1. Strip Pong or Poker
Adding stripping to any game instantly makes it entirely sexier. If you want to throw back to your glory days in high school, break out the red cups and ping pong balls. Every time your partner scores a point, take off an article of clothing.

Or if you’d prefer a more of intellectual battle, break out a deck of cards and play a game of strip poker. There’s nothing like a classic!

2. Sex Toy Hide and Seek
If you’re looking for some cheeky, giggly fun, this game is for you. Hide your sex toys around the house (don’t forget where you hide them, or else the next time you have someone at your house they might end up finding a dildo under your couch!), then set off to find them.

Time yourself. Whichever sex toys you find that your partner hid make sure to use on each other!

3. Truth or Dare
Always a classic! Play truth or dare with your partner. The best part about this game is that you have the opportunity to get deep and sappy if you want. Or you could keep things light and kinky and sexy. The vibe all hinges on the kinds of questions you ask.

The best part about this game is that it almost always leads to sexual tension. So if you’re looking to reinject that spark into a long term relationship definitely play this game.

If you feel nervous about opening up to your partner, introduce a little alcohol into the situation. This will allow you to lower your inhibitions and let loose with both your truths and your dares.

4. Winner Takes All
If you didn’t like any of the suggestions of games above, then play whatever you want! It really doesn’t matter what you want to play, whether it be Monopoly or Guitar Hero.

Impose the rule that whoever wins, gets their choosing of a sexual favor. Whoever ends up losing has to bend to their significant other’s will.

5. Welcome to the Red Room
If you’re uninterested in any of these games, it might be because you’re interested in something 50 Shades Darker, perhaps. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I suggest you get to it and order some fuzzy red handcuffs on Amazon!

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