Sex, contrary to popular belief, can actually get kind of boring. Doing the same old thing with the same old guy can get boring, so why not spice things up and switch identities. If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your sex life than the easiest and most efficient way to make a difference in your sex life is simply by changing identities – well at least for the night.
Sexy roleplaying is easily the most cost-effective and flexible way to revitalize your sex life. With a simple change of outfit or accent, you can become an entirely new person. And that way you can choose how crazy and wild you get in the bedroom. You can decide if you keep it tame with some student looking for extra credit action or get wild with some fifty shades of gray stuff.
With role playing, you can essentially choose your own adventure. If you’re stuck one which adventure to choose, here are a couple of options:

1. Extra Credit

If you’re a fan of the idea of doing absolutely anything for a sexy teacher all for the sake of extra credit, then break out the plaid and get it on.

Have whichever partner feels like being slightly more dominant be the teacher and the other play the role of the failing student. Dress up as slutty versions of your chosen roles and break out a ruler if you’re feeling frisky.
2. Grey’s Anatomy

This drama is already pretty steamy, so why not relive your Grey’s induced fantasies and break out the sexy scrubs. There are several different ways to go with this:

You can either go for the doctor-patient scenario or better yet go for a doctor nurse scene, that way you can live out your fantasy of getting it on in the hospital bunks. Either way, you get to pretend you’re sexy and successful healthcare professionals. This is a super hot scene unless you are a nurse, then this scenario might just stress you out.

3. Strangers in a Bar

If you’re looking to spice things up really, take your scene past your bedroom.

Agree to meet up at a bar after work or to arrive separately at a certain time. Put on different clothing or a different accent than you usually have and be different people for the night. Transform yourself into a character you’ve always wanted to be, pretend to bump into each other, and pretend it’s the first time you ran into each other.

Try to wait to jump each other’s bones until you get home.

4. Battle Star Galactica-babes

All right nerds, this one is for you. If you and your significant other are a little dorky, what better way to get it on than to dress up and play out your nerdy fantasies.

Common, I know you have fantasies about what would happen if your favorite nerd properties crossed over.

5. 50 Shades of Freaky

I mean this one is self-explanatory. If you found yourself enjoying the 50 shades trilogy, what’s stopping you from recreating your own red room of your own.

Check out the video below to learn more about role playing!